We’re looking for YOU!

If you’re a welder or pipeliner that loves what you do, and you enjoy showcasing your skills on social media, you have the chance to become an Osborn influencer. We value having a diverse range of influencers to represent our brand, from welding students to seasoned pipeline professionals with decades of experience.


What qualifications do I have to have to be considered?

  • You’re an active welder/fabricator/pipeliner.
  • You have an active social media account on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.
  • You post consistently – at least once a week.
  • You have at least 5,000 followers – OR you have less, but you’re actively growing your followers, and your posts/videos typically get a good amount of engagement.
  • You live in the USA.

Why Should I become an Osborn Influencer?

  • As an influencer, you’ll receive free product samples to test out, as well as Osborn-branded swag.
  • We will share the content you create on our social media platforms, helping you grow your channel.

As an influencer, what’s expected of me?

  • We are looking for content about our products on real world applications.
  • We appreciate honest product reviews from the experts in the market. The reviews not only give us feedback on how our products are performing, but they also serve as insight for new product development as we are always focused on innovation.

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